Saturday, 4 June 2011


Restoration of Kennys Well, Kilkenny.
This was a restoration project my Father took on with some friends sometime in the mid 90's.
I remember he carved a new cross for the top of the well, it being knocked down by some vandals and then making a new one, which seemed to stay, his persistence paying off  or being acknowledged. In its completion there was an alter, a pathway and a stone carved sign at the wall by the entrance.
You can see there is a small pathway to stream water from the well to the river, i found a striking similarity to one of Louis Kahns features in the Salk Institute, California, you can see it here.
I'll put up a post of the finished well later on.
a picture on google map, here


Working on the Monkey Man.
Here is a picture of my Father working on a sculpture of a monkey man, its carved out of limestone, he would later polish it. There are a few of these sculptures still around that ill doccument soon.

Here are some Photographs of stone works my Dad had taken in preparation of the restoration of the well, i also found some photos of the vandals graffiti in a handball alley, possibly a prerequisite to the knocking of the cross, acknowledging their own artistic merits, the well has been void of any vandalism since the first knocking, i believe my father went to alley and made some kind of offering, acknowledging the vandals .

Stone carvings:


Church 2

The old handball alley, a church and a well of cheap booze.